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Looking for a scriptures app for your iPhone, iPad, or touchscreen smartphone? Look no further. Simply browse to We think you will absolutely love it!
WordPress Plugin now available LDS Scripture Linker!
LDS Scripture Linker is a WordPress plugin that converts scripture references to mouseover links that contain the scripture referenced. References for all LDS Standard works and the King James Apocrypha are supported. Click here for more info.

Welcome to is an online way to read, mark, underline, highlight, and add notes to your own online scriptures. It also includes ability to look up words and phrases while you are reading. This search includes over 8 different dictionary feeds to give you as much information about the word as possible. currently includes:
  • The King James version of the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament)
  • The Book of Mormon (LDS scriptures - see for more info)
  • The Doctrine & Covenants (LDS scriptures)
  • The Pearl of Great Price (LDS scriptures)
Other features include a customizable application bar that allows you to:
  • Search the scriptures
  • Make suggestions for future site enhancements. We seriously consider every suggestion made
  • Listen to the scriptures
  • Share your notes with others for group scripture study
  • Mark and group scriptures together so they can be printed (perhaps for a lesson you are preparing)

It is completely free to use. Feel free to sign up.

Sample scripture markup of Luke 4:1